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Unslung 6.8 beta firmware Install gone bad....

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  • Hal
    Hello - I am new to this group but I have to say that I am extremely pleased with what what has been done in enhancing the functionality of the Slug. And I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2007
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      Hello - I am new to this group but I have to say that I am extremely
      pleased with what what has been done in enhancing the functionality
      of the Slug. And I would say to the powers that be, Well Done!

      I have been using my NSLU2 for about 2 months, and wanted to enhance
      its capabilities and increase its functionality, which lead me to
      here. This is my first attempt at this, but I felt pretty
      confident, as I have pretty extensive experience on UNIX platforms.

      Anyway, here is a brief description of my issue....

      Recently, I took my current slug, running the factory installed
      V23R73 firmware, and replaced it with the Unslung 6.8 beta firmware.

      Following the directions precisely, and I successfully upgraded the
      firmware. I hadn't actually Unslung it yet, but it did seem to be
      functioning fine for the time being running from the device Firmware.

      Here is where things seemed to go awry...

      I attempted to Unsling the device through telnet with the drive
      attached to Port1 (I will move to Port2 in the future). At first I
      was not successful using a WD MyBook and I had seen some thing in
      the wiki about issues with those drives. I then attached a Maxtor
      OneTouch, and the Unsling command (/sbin/unsling disk1) ran
      correctly, and I then restarted the slug, and it hasn't been
      available on the network since. So as of now, there is no way to
      access the slug. I can't even ping the address.

      So in looking over what was done to the device and the drive
      partition. I can tell you the following:
      1) All lights on the slug appear to be normal, as I have no flashing
      lights of any king on the slug, except standard network and I/O
      2) It is not a network issue, as all other network devices are fine
      (even changed the cable based upon a previous post).
      3) I ran an IP Scan of my network, thinking that the IP may have
      gotten changed to something else that I was unaware.

      I then took the drive off the slug, and connected it to one of my
      boxes, and looked over the newly created partition, and associative
      file system. And for some reason, it does not look right. For
      instance, the was no /etc or /etc/samba dirs which seem to be
      referenced elsewhere. Most of the config files (group, password,
      etc)were placed in root. There was no sysconfig as I would expect
      in Linux system, although I did find a config file that had all the
      appropriate setting from my original slug configuration in it. Is
      this the slugs representation of sysconfig?

      Anyway, I hope someone out there can assist me, and help point me in
      the right direction. This is really bugging the crap out of me, and
      I would like to figure it out.

      Thank you all in advance.

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