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Unable to Format flash - trying to upgrade to 6.8 or at least run 5.5 off a stic

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  • akameswaran
    Ok, So I m fairly new to my slug, but got Unslung 5.5 with Twonky running fairly easily. I had a single hd connected to the slug, and now I want to switch to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
      So I'm fairly new to my slug, but got Unslung 5.5 with Twonky running
      fairly easily.

      I had a single hd connected to the slug, and now I want to switch to
      using a flash as root, and my media files elsewhere. i have a small I
      am confident in being able to move the twonky db onto the HD and also
      get to install onto disk instead of ram, if I can get this working.

      I have a 1GB memorex travelDrive that I want to use for my root

      I followed the instructions on the wiki to manually format my usb stick.

      So I can get through the entire process, and end up with a "formatted"
      drive. An oddity is that the slug (which could see the flash in
      either drive before the repartition) will only see the usbstick if it
      is plugged in when I turn on the slug. Otherwise all I get is not
      installed, regardless of port. Additionally, this only works on port
      1, port 2 never recognizes it anymore (and isn't that the 'flash' port?)

      Here's another oddity. After the default wiki steps didn't work.
      What I notived, was while with fdisk linked to a fake script, the
      interface would return "formatted" but upon reboot it always showed
      unformatted. I decided I would actually let the slug "format" the
      disk. So I restored fdisk in /sbin and let the slug format my memory
      stick while in port 1. This succeeded, and every reboot showed it as

      However, when I mounted both my usb stick, and my previous root drive
      (a seagate external USB) I noticed that the contents of partition1 on
      the hard drive matched to partition 2 on the stick. And vice versa.
      Both had partition 3 as swap, obviously. So I tried doing an exact
      copy of the partition from the hd to the usb. Due to the media files
      being on the root partition, I had to use cpio as opposed to dd

      Anyway... when i did this I treated the partitions on the memory stick
      as if they were used the same way my hd was. Ie partition 1 to
      partition 1. Even though the slug had set them up backward, there was
      no way I was going to waste the mem stick by having an 800 meg config

      SO anyway, after doing this my memory stick is now "unformatted" and I
      couldn't use it to boot back into unslung 5.5. I had hoped by doing a
      partition copy it would work, but apparently I was wrong.

      I'm not sure if I should try and repartition the mem stick to one big
      FAT partition, just to see if I can get it recognized in port 2 again.
      Or whether it might be better to repartition it, but reverse the
      sizes of partition 1 and 2 to mirror the (to my eyes) backwards way
      the nslu2 had formatted. I suppose the third option is follow the
      wiki to the letter, but the fact that the slug showed the drive as
      "unformatted" and I couldn't read it in port 2, kind made me nervous
      to proceed on that path.

      Any suggestions? I have scoured the wiki and can't find anything else
      to try.

      Hmmm, last minute things that might matter.
      I have de-underclocked my slug.

      Twonky is currently in ram, but I intend to swap to disk when I do a
      cleanupgrade to 6.8. I just want to confirm the memstick can work
      before I try.

      The only other pkg's installed are ipkg and python.


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