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Re: Running 2x ext3 disks on a slug

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  • john_haddy
    ... Linksys ... http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/FixTheDriveBackupForUnslungFirmware ... better way! ... unsling ... other, the ... Your data, ... USB
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2007
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Mike \(mwester\)" <mwester@...>
      > > 1/ I know that there is a 2.3R73 version that has been supplied to a
      > > number of people by Linksys support. Does this fix the problem with
      > > dual native formatted disks?
      > This version has not been officially released and no GPL source code is
      > available. So there is no Unslung version that corresponds to this
      > firmware.
      > > 2/ Can I simply format the second HDD (or maybe both?) with a single
      > > ext3 partition (on another PC) and just plug it in and have it work?
      > > (By work, I mean that I can use the native Linksys GUI to schedule
      > > backup jobs, etc.)
      > No.
      > > 3/ Alternatively, should I add a flashdrive and follow the
      > > instructions on:
      > > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Unslung/NonNativeDiskMount
      > > but put the two disks (both non-native ext3) behind a hub? Will the
      > > backup tools mentioned on:
      > >
      > > still work with the disks behind a hub?
      > Certainly not! and to the second question there, definitely no.
      > > 4/ The fourth option I could envisage is to use SlugOS/BE and then
      > > install SAMBA and NFSd. This prospect only slightly terrifies me as a
      > > relative Linux novice, but I would pursue it if that was the best
      > > course recommended. If I did this then I'd probably study up on
      > > setting up a RAID1 array too.
      > You could do that. But why?
      > > 5/ Or maybe I should just have one native ext3 drive and one NTFS?
      > > Hopefully, if the NTFS drive is just the recipient of backups from the
      > > native ext3, the known issues with the NTFS driver crashing under high
      > > I/O load won't come into effect?
      > The NTFS issue is certain to rear its head and crash your slug.
      > > Or is there any other "best" way I haven't thought of?
      > Whew! I thought you'd never ask! :-P :-) Yes, there's a FAR
      better way!
      > I think you've misunderstood the problem a bit.
      > Why not just plug both drives into the NSLU2 and run it that way? The
      > dual-native drive issue only appears with Unslung, and only if you
      > to the *second* drive, not the first.
      > If you use the Linksys firmware, two drives will work just fine as is.
      > You'll be able to use the GUI to do backups from one drive to the
      other, the
      > only known issue is that with the Linksys firmware the user, group, and
      > password database is not backed-up from one drive to the other.
      Your data,
      > though, is just fine.
      > If you use Unslung 6.8, then just unsling to the drive plugged into
      USB port
      > 1 instead of the one in port 2, and everything works great. You'll
      need to
      > replace the drive-to-drive copy script (the one mentioned on the
      wiki) --
      > the wiki page may be out-of-date, if you decide to do this send me a
      > and I'll send you the updated drive-to-drive script that I use on my
      > dual-native-250GB Unslung system.
      > Mike (mwester)
      Thanks for the response!

      I'm glad to know that there is a simple answer. The main cause of my
      concern was from reading the "Odd Behaviour" section at:
      which seems to me to quite clearly suggest that the issue applies to
      2.3R63 as_well_as Unslung6.

      The same page also states that the odd behavior occurs when the root
      device is on USB1 as you suggest.

      I think that I'll just use a 2.3R63 box for my NAS server and get a
      second slug to play with Unslung.

      Thanks again,

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