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Re: Problems with cron

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  • Daniel Berenguer
    ... Hi John. Setting PATTH makes no differrence so far. I m even testing with more simple crontabs and most of the times they don t work. Ex: SHELL=/bin/sh
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 4, 2007
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, John <jl.050877@...> wrote:
      > Daniel,
      > > John, I'm using absolute paths in my crontab. Should I add the PATH
      > > variable anyway?
      > Do the programs that you are running in crontab need the PATH
      > variable in order to run other programs? Many unix programs
      > call/run other unix programs.
      > The example you gave was /etc/syncdate. I don't know what
      > that is but, from the name alone, it seems quite possible that its
      > operation depends on being able to find another program in the path
      > such as rdate or ntpdate or ntpd or similar.
      > If things are set up right, any output from the cron job
      > should be mailed to you. Do you get any error messages from the
      > cron job?
      > John

      Hi John.

      Setting PATTH makes no differrence so far. I'm even testing with more
      simple crontabs and "most of the times" they don't work. Ex:


      0 0 * * * echo "hello!" >> /home/hello.txt

      At 00:00 sometimes hello.txt is created and edited and sometimes not.
      I'm plying with the system time in order to do my tests and this is
      maybe somehow causing problems, but I'm not sure.

      Now I realize that pointing to a script placed in /home or /etc
      doesn't make any difference either.

      ... I'm continuing with my tests...

      Thank you very much,

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