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Re: [nslu2-general] Quickguide (LaTeX) pdf proposition + some code

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    I m glad that you receive it possitevely.... Thanks, Xan Rod Whitby escribió: We re always happy to host
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 24, 2007
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      I'm glad that you receive it possitevely....


      Rod Whitby <rod@...> escribió: We're always happy to host such documents on the nslu2-linux.org site. I'm on the road, so can't read it at the moment, but I will look at it on the weekend and work out where to put it.
      -- Rod
      (Apologies for formatting - sent on the road from Treo650)

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      From: "educacio2004" <educacio2004@...>
      Date: Tuesday, Apr 24, 2007 6:07 am
      Subject: [nslu2-general] Quickguide (LaTeX) pdf proposition + some code


      Recently, I buyed a nslu2. I hearded that (more customizable) Linux could be put in this box. So I saw the nslu2-linux.org webpage for how to do it

      I think you have more work but perhaps this work is a little bit
      dispersed and a little bit technical. As a "desktop user", I would
      like a reformulation of this knowledge. For example I did not know
      what firmware install and what are the differences among that (it's
      not easy)

      For these reasons I start a quick guide in LaTeX for the following

      - Have a pdf document that describe the main differences among firmwares
      - That this document are short (typical 5 A4 pages)
      - Only have objective information and put always references
      - It could be serve for choose among the firmwares

      I put this document in [1] and [2] . This is a temporal location. I want to remove it in a two weeks. I tried to upload in the nslu2-linux wiki but I have not permisions. Can anyone do it?

      Please, feel free to make changes in the document. The code is in
      LaTeX language.

      The idea I have is to put the source code (.tex) in the wiki and that anyone who wants, could modify it.

      Thank you very much,
      with my best efforts



      PS: For getting pdf from .tex run:
      latex quickguide.tex.txt
      dvips quickguide.dvi
      ps2pdf quickguide.ps

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