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Re: [nslu2-general] downgrading cpio package

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  • Robert Hammond
    In message , Ernest Hymel, MD, PhD writes ... I think that it might be a bug with
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 1, 2006
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      In message <20061130140015.wczr4vo7ls04oo84@group.e-medico.com>, "Ernest
      Hymel, MD, PhD" <ehymel@...> writes
      >Bless you. All is working again after your suggestion. Good to know
      >about the default version of cpio.
      >Is this a bug with cpio 2.6? Looks that way, but I'm not sure who to
      >report it to.
      I think that it might be a bug with the installer of 2.6, there is
      another recent message thread on this subject.

      These standard built in functions seem to be stored in /usr/bin. The
      functions in this folder can be used by scripts without logging in as
      such, i.e. your script that uses cpio.

      I think that when one of these Optware packages that update some of the
      built in functions is installed, they install into /opt/bin by default
      (this is the correct location) and delete out the old copy in /usr/bin.

      Unfortunately /opt/bin is only made available when you log in i.e. the
      PATH is changed during login to include /opt/bin and other folders. A
      logged out NLSU2 changes the PATH back to the default which does not
      include /opt/bin.

      There are two ways to correct this. Firstly the default PATH used when
      the NSLU2 is logged out could be changed to include /opt/bin but not too
      sure how to do this. This does seem a reasonable request because users
      who have unslung would expect this folder permanently in there PATH
      together with /opt/sbin.
      When this type of Optware package is installed a sym link could be
      created in /usr/bin pointing to the new version of cpio in /opt/bin. I
      have done this with my NSLU2. This applies to other Optware packages
      that delete out standard functions such as wget, find, xargs, locate,
      mt, updatedb and perhaps others.

      If you need cpio version 2.6 then you could easily do this by installing
      cpio using the standard ipkg command then manually add the sym link in

      Robert Hammond
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