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Re: Want to setup a NSLU with multiple drives / Print server

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  • matthewbrierley
    ... Ah yes, the wonders of installing an entire operating system onto a small box with no screen or keyboard. Lovely :p. ... printer (installing CUPS for
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 28, 2006
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      > look at: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/DebianSlug/OpenDebianSlug

      Ah yes, the wonders of installing an entire operating system onto a
      small box with no screen or keyboard. Lovely :p.

      >> I can then attach a hub to port 1 and plug in the hard drives and
      printer (installing CUPS for printing support).
      > yes.. that will be fun :)

      I can't tell whether or not you're being sarcastic here. Which
      worries me.

      >> Firstly, is all that at all possible?
      > yes

      >> What is the maximum size for a hard drive (in GB's)?
      > 2TB I think, perhaps the idetousb converter in the drive has a
      >> What is the maximum number of drives?
      > as much as you want. use self-powerd usb hubs

      Fantastic. I whipped out my calculator and figrued out (based on the
      USB spec) I can use 32 hubs and 95 drives for a total of 190TB of
      space. But that might cost a bit, and I think I'd rather spend the
      money on a Lamborghini.

      --- Marcel Nijenhof ---

      > You can use one of the big drive for the system disk.
      > There are ways to use the rest of the space externally.

      Indeed, thats the best choice

      >> look at: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/DebianSlug/OpenDebianSlug
      > Is OpenDebianslug really the best way for somebody with no linux
      > experience or is it the best way to make sure he never wants to
      > do with linux?

      Hah yes it does seem I'm jumping in the deep end. I do have a very
      high knowledge of Windows/DOS but I know nothing of Linux so they'll
      be alot of learning.

      > It probably will run with a few disks without problems but
      > don't expect a wonderful performance.

      Ah, so... my grand idea might be a little too much :p?

      > I wouldn't be happy if i spent 500 Eur for disks and get
      > 3 megabyte per second.

      Indeed, those kind of speeds arn't nice but I don't think they would
      bother me too much. I plan on using it as a network store, steaming
      music/video and other assorted files. HD video I have averages
      around 1.2 MB/s, so it's cutting it a bit close for my liking but
      should be fine.

      Thanks to both of you for your help.


      My original reasoning for a NSLU2 is because I bought a large Laser
      printer that doesn't remotely fit near my desk, so I thought I'd
      stick it elsewhere and share it - and the NSLU2 would be a nice,
      cheap, low-electricty, and low-noise way of doing it. Always
      available network share/web site/ftp/toppy link would be a great

      But the more I think it, the more it seems easier to just daisy-
      chain some USB hubs to my computer. Less flexible, and not always-
      on, but infinitly easier.
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