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Re: [nslu2-general] ls: No such file or directory -- Help ! :)

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  • mwester@dls.net
    Remove the change you made to /etc/profile. Since it s fairly likely that you won t be able to find vi to make the change, you can invoke vi using
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2006
      Remove the change you made to /etc/profile. Since it's fairly likely that you won't be able to find "vi" to make the change, you can invoke "vi" using "/bin/vi" instead.

      I'm suspecting you have a typo in the /etc/profile file.
      Mike (mwester)

      > Hi,
      > I just re-unslung my slug to a new hard drive (disconnected the
      > old
      > one, booted, telneted in, plugged new hd, unslinged to it,
      > rebooted). I
      > installed a few packages (ipkg update, noip, mt-daapd, joe)
      > I also modified /etc/profile to include something like this :
      > PATH=/opt/bin:$PATH
      > and then i rebooted.
      > Now here's the thing: everything seems to work perfectly (nslu2's
      > website on, mt-daapd on, noip gets updates, telnet can be
      > enabled..) but
      > when I telnet into my slug I cant do anything! I can use CD and PWD,
      > but no
      > LS, no ECHO no nothing. Now, I am a linux newbie and am at lost
      > about what
      > to do.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      > Example of a telnet session:
      > NSLU2 login: root
      > Password:
      > No directory, logging in with HOME=/
      > Welcome to Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta
      > ---------- NOTE: THIS SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY UNSLUNG ----------
      > BusyBox v0.60.4 (2005.03.22-06:52+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
      > Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
      > # ls
      > ls: No such file or directory
      > # cd etc
      > # pwd
      > /etc
      > #
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