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NSLU2 unresponsive after INITIAL power on - fine after hard reset

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  • Dave Hooper
    Any ideas? This is pretty weird (although it s always happened for me, so I wonder if it s a feature that I just don t understand) The NSLU2 manual states
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2004
      Any ideas? This is pretty weird (although it's always happened for
      me, so I wonder if it's a feature that I just don't understand)

      The NSLU2 manual states that the NSLU2 is "not plug-n-play" and that
      hard drives will not automatically be recognised when plugged in
      AFTER the NSLU2 has already booted. (Ok so I'm pretty sure that's
      not totally true but let's assume it is for now)

      I power on my external USB2 ide caddy (some no-brand enclosure with
      an ALI chipset) and wait for it to spin up for a bit.

      Then I power on my NSLU2 and wait for it to boot and beep. But
      after even half an hour the green top light is flashing and still no
      beep (and no access to the webserver on NSLU2). I'm certain that the
      NSLU2 has actually booted, not least because the eth and usb1 lights
      are lit on NSLU2. But it's unusable. Recovery involves removing
      the power lead from NSLU2 and replugging it and powering it up again.

      So a couple of questions:
      1. Does this happen to anyone else?
      2. If 'yes', is the recommended fix to a) hard power-cycle as above
      or b) plug in the hdd AFTER booting (which does work afaict)
      3. Could the NSLU2 actually be DOING something for all this time
      while the green light is flashing (I don't have a serial cable on my
      NSLU2 so I can only speculate - could it be fscking?)
      4. This behaviour is extremely annoying; I'm trying to use unslung
      2.12 but of course the first boot after a powerdown always fails and
      requires manual physical intervention. Would unslung 3 be useable in
      such a hung state (assuming that I have some kind of intermittent
      hardware problem) which would allow me to reboot remotely?

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