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Re: SlugOS/LE (DebianSlug) and smbfs - no support in kernel?

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  • Rob Lockhart
    ... My apologies, Rod. I don t post as much as most others, and figured it d be better to have overly technical questions in the general list than overly
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 6, 2006
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Rod Whitby wrote:

      > [Firstly, why is discussion of custom nslu2-linux firmware
      > happening on the nslu2-general mailing list? The charter for
      > the nslu2-general group clearly states that discussion of
      > custom firmware should happen on the nslu2-linux mailing list.
      > The nslu2-general mailing list is for questions like "Where
      > is the power button on this thing." or "How do I create a
      > share using the stock Linksys firmware.", not for questions
      > about running the Debian Linux distribution on the NSLU2.]

      My apologies, Rod. I don't post as much as most others, and figured
      it'd be better to have overly technical questions in the general list
      than overly basic/dumb questions in the guru linux list. I overlooked
      that the DebianSlug distribution is considered "custom firmware".
      Since I didn't custom compile/build it, I figured it didn't belong in
      the nslu2-linux group, and especially since it wasn't a question like,
      "I get this bizarre kernel error message 0xdeadface when I compile
      module 'dummy.o' and do 'depmod dummy' command".

      > Patrick Schneider wrote:
      >> Rob Lockhart wrote:
      >>> Debslug:/root# apt-get install kernel-module-exportfs
      >>> At this point, I'd rather just reinstall DebianSlug than
      >>> debug other problems (i.e., why apt-get won't get the stuff
      >>> from the correct repository). That way, at least it'll be
      >>> able to help more people (Wiki-wise) than just my specific
      >>> issues.
      > apt-get does get the stuff from the correct repository.
      > You simply cannot install kernel modules for SlugOS/LE
      > (DebianSlug) using apt-get. You need to reboot without the
      > hard disk attached (so you're running SlugOS/LE (DebianSlug)
      > from the flash), then ipkg install the appropriate kernel
      > modules (from the SlugOS/LE feed), then copy those kernel
      > modules over to your hard disk.

      I believe I bypassed that step by first getting the modules via wget,
      then ipkg install the modules, and then modprobe them. It has worked
      so far, but probably isn't the cleanest method. I don't expect it to
      work w/o a hard drive attached. Indeed, your method would be the most
      probable to succeed with or without disk attached.

      >> I'm not sure if this helps, but you could try to *somehow*
      >> add the http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/debianslug/*
      >> <http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/debianslug/*> feeds to
      >> your /etc/apt/sources.list (I don't know if this is going
      >> to work, but you might give it a try)
      > Do *not* add SlugOS feeds to /etc/apt/sources.list - that
      > is analogous to using downloads.amiga.com as your Windows
      > update site.

      That might cause some problems indeed!! :-)
      Until it's officially supported via Debian, it's probably better to
      manually do this for now.
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