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Re: Newbie can't find passwd file...

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  • stevemcclue
    ... correctly, ... certainly easier ... to the ... wiki for ... can t find ... right down ... before ... by the ... do in ... right now, ... Mike, I think
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 31, 2006
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Westerhof" <mwester@d...>
      > > Yes, I did run 'sbin/unsling disk1'. I tried very hard to follow the
      > > instructions in the README to the letter, but when it got to the bit
      > > about changing passwd in /share/hdd/conf/passwd (and /usr/bin/passwd
      > > and /usr/local/passwd) I couldn't find the file on my HDD. Which left
      > > me a bit confused.
      > > Does it matter that all the unix files on my USB HDD are in
      > > \\Linksys1\admin 1\ or should they be in a top directory?
      > Actually, \\Linksys\admin 1\ *is* the top directory. Or more
      > that particular network reference is mapped by the NSLU2 to the top (or
      > root) directory of the first drive, so that's no problem.
      > >
      > > Should I scrap all this and start again (flash back to Linksys image)?
      > >
      > Yes. It might be repairable at this point, but it's almost
      certainly easier
      > if you start from scratch. The instructions work if you follow them
      to the
      > letter, so if something is not right - stop right there, search the
      wiki for
      > info on what might have gone wrong, and post a note here if you
      can't find
      > anything on the wiki. The instructions must be followed exactly,
      right down
      > to the sequence of events -- for example, if you plug in the drive
      > you should, you will get different results than you expect.
      > (Honestly, we'd like it to be better, but we're constrained terribly
      by the
      > Linksys firmware, and the unsling sequence is really the best we can
      do in
      > the general case. :-)
      > You don't have to flash back to the Linksys image -- just flash the same
      > Unslung image again. Also, you have no idea what's on the drive
      right now,
      > so it's best to repartition and reformat the drive as an ordinary FAT or
      > NTFS drive on a windows machine, and reformat it using the Linksys web
      > utility on the NSLU2 - this ensures that the drive starts out correctly
      > formatted with the appropriate passwd file (the one that was missing!)
      > already written to the disk by Linksys' utility.
      > Mike (mwester)


      I think you're probably right. I'll re-format my HDD and flash the 5.5
      beta again. Will see if I have better luck next time.

      Thanks to all responders

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