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Re: failing disk?

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  • Ian White
    In my case it was *definitely* the LaCie drive and *not* the NSLU2 I hooked up the drive to a Linux box and fsck also reported loads of errors I reformatted
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2005
      In my case it was *definitely* the LaCie drive
      and *not* the NSLU2

      I hooked up the drive to a Linux box
      and "fsck" also reported loads of errors

      I reformatted (repartitioned as well) and the format (ext3)
      seemed to work okay,
      but the I/O errors re-appeared within a week

      So I tried formatting (NTFS) under Windows
      (I deleted the partition table under Linux first)
      and the format process "hung" with the disk clicking-away
      at the usual 50% of logical disk
      which equals the hand-over point between the physical drives

      I'm running "unslung 5.5 beta" on a "turbo slug"
      and I'm using it as a "backup" server
      but the data is only held transiently on the LaCie drive
      (i.e. the to-be-backed-up data is "pulled" from
      one location onto the LaCie drive
      and then "pushed" some other disk that I trust.

      Apart from disk failures the "slug" has reliably been doing
      a daily incremental backup of approximately 100GB
      from a LinkStation (via the LaCie drive) to a LinkStation
      (on the other end of a wireless link in a "remote" location)
      and a weekly incremental backup of another 100GB
      to various other bits of disk space
      for just over 18 months.

      I definitely trust the NSLU2 itself
      (it is a better "backup" solution than the LinkStation(s))

      I just do *not* trust the LaCie drive
      (which is going in the rubbish bin at the next hint of an I/O error)

      I hope that this gives you some confidence in the NSLU2
      (if not in the LaCie drive)

      Ian W.

      > Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 22:44:27 -0000
      > From: "lane10uk" <richard@...>
      > Subject: Re: failing disk?
      > Thanks for that Ian, the nslu2 is on a static IP, as I too had
      > problems trying to have the router dhcp an address for it.
      > I can't remember who I bought the flaming drive from to go for a
      > replacement! I have another lacie 250Gb drive usb'd into the back of a
      > desktop pc formatted with ntfs and haven't had a bother with it - yet.
      > The dodgy disk is only ~8% used, but it's all vital stuff. Last time
      > this happened it was reporting I/O errors and I reformatted, re-
      > unslung etc.
      > I just wish I knew whether the problem was disk or slug related, I
      > don't have a lot of confidence in the nslu2, I'm afraid... perhaps my
      > lack of *nix experience??
      > Richard
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