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Re: [nslu2-general] EraseAll

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  • Philip Johnson
    ... You might mean well, but you ve offended me by not searching the wiki, email logs, or even google. Within a minute, I was able to collate the following
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2005
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      On 18 Nov 2005, at 15:15, mehagobolas wrote:
      > There is a Warning about not using EraseAll. I used it and it seems OK
      > please can you elaborate on the dangers. How is SerComm different than
      > EraseAll?

      You might mean well, but you've offended me by not searching the
      wiki, email logs, or even google. Within a minute, I was able to
      collate the following without using bookmarks or any pre-saved links.
      There is no excuse for you not doing the same. For goodness sake, on
      the nslu2-linux.org homepage it says in a huge, bold, 24 point heading:

      In the worst case scenario, it can make your NSLU2 unbootable with no
      chance of recovery without using JTAG.

      A search on that very home page brings up additional pages on the
      matter, with a huge effing box:

      Do not under *any* circumstances use the Linksys "EraseAll" utility
      to reflash your NSLU2.

      In the worst case scenario, it may erase the bootloader and cause an
      unbootable slug. The only method of repair for the mentioned case
      would be JTAG, which requires extra hardware and knowledge that most
      users do not have.

      Hence, it is *not* worth the risk using this software until Linksys
      address this issue, so you should use the Sercomm utility.

      If you wish to post any more posts to this group without a horrible
      response like mine is, obey rule number one.
      1. You will search the wiki first here and read the FAQ before asking

      Here are the links I found within a minute of searching on your lazy
      asses behalf:


      Sorry for the somewhat hostile email, but jeebus, come on, people
      contribute to make your life easier when they could be doing better
      Pay them respect. Obey rule number one.

      To answer your question if you still can't be bothered following the
      links I gave you, the reason you are advised NOT to use EraseAll is
      that it does a reflash of the entire flash area, which means its also
      reflashes the bootloader partition. If there is a power failure, or
      for some reason the reflash fails, you could be left (and generally
      you WILL be left) with a dead and non-functioning NSLU2, requiring
      hardware modifications to fix it.

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