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Re: [nslu2-general] Help Setting up mySQL

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  • Philip Johnson
    ... I m away from my slug and therefore I can t check this, but I *think* the default MySQL logfile s name is hostname.err (hostname being the hostname of
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2005
      On 30 Aug 2005, at 03:52, Craig Johnson wrote:
      > On 8/28/05, Craig <cjohns38@...> wrote:
      >> Main goal here is to get mySQL up and running along with apache and a
      >> phpnuke portal.
      >> I have the apache portion up and can access the general page that
      >> says
      >> it is working. I have installed phpmyadmin and get an error page when
      >> I try to access that so I think it is working. The problem is mySQL.
      >> I have it installed but can't get the actual server up and running.
      >> Everytime I try and start the server I get "#
      >> /opt/etc/init.d/S70mysqld start
      >> Starting MySQL................................... ERROR!" I can't
      >> find where the error log is to find out what the error is. Looking
      >> around it looks like it may be because you need to create the default
      >> tables first. However when I tried to do that it didn't work either.
      >> Anyone out there have this thing running on their NSLU2 that can lend
      >> me some help?

      I'm away from my slug and therefore I can't check this, but I *think*
      the default MySQL logfile's name is 'hostname.err' (hostname being
      the hostname of your slug), so if you:

      1. find / -name (inserthostnamehere).err
      2. Open the file it finds (if it does find a file)

      You should then have some funky stuff diagnostic stuff we can look at.

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