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Re: Reliable NSLU2 Firmware?

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  • boardwatchr
    ... tonymy01 ... noticed ... all the ... mode . ... mode ... a BIG ... attached ... on ... flash ... here. ... Thank you for your support to my NSLU2 issues.
    Message 1 of 22 , May 27, 2005
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald L. Clark"
      <gerald_clark@m...> wrote:
      > Robert Hammond wrote:
      > > In message <006701c55fe7$f6c13b30$6400a8c0@TONYSATHLONXP>,
      > > <tony_h@b...> writes
      > >
      > >>I think he just means the maint mode htm form is still up, which I
      > >>too. And you cannot upgrade once this form is up, and you get
      all the
      > >>errors when you click the form button "exit from maintenance
      > >
      > >
      > > I discovered last night that clicking on this 'exit maintenance
      > > button with a fully functioning disk attached and unslung slug is
      a BIG
      > > BIG mistake.
      > >
      > This will only attrempt to remove a file that does not exist.
      > I have done this many times. It does nothing but restart the slug.
      > However, if you actually enter maintenance mode with no disks
      > you can not exit without re-flashing or following the instructions
      > the wiki.
      > If you load any packages while in this state, you will fill the
      > memory.
      > This will cause the slug to not boot. A re-flash is the solution
      > --
      > nslu-linux - glc

      Thank you for your support to my NSLU2 issues. I have the slug
      installed and running unslung 4.20 and unslinged as you recommended.
      I have been successfully using the slug as a file server using SMB,
      but now find that I'm unable to copy more than 1.9GB to a share
      Is this a limitation of the 4.20 running v.25 of the firmware? Is an
      NFS service for copying large amounts of data to the disk recommended
      and more reliable than the default Samba file server the slug
      presents? Please note that I use both Windows and Macintosh's to
      access this device.

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