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8997Problem Installing Torrentflux

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  • threeeyedtoad
    May 25, 2013
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      After becoming more and more frustrated with the freezing issues I've had with Transmission, I've decided to give Torrentflux a shot. After ipkg update (which sadly returns 404s for wget), I tried ipkg install transmission. I won't post the full output here (unless requested), but we begin fine with:

      Installing torrentflux (2.4-5) to root...

      Then, at the end, we get to the problems:

      Configuring python
      Configuring sqlite2
      Configuring torrentflux
      Creating TorrentFlux database with sqlite
      sqlite: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      postinst script returned status 127
      ERROR: torrentflux.postinst returned 127

      Any suggestions on how I might get this running?

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