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8984MRTG or traffic meter?

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  • Scheb
    Apr 30, 2013
      Hey folks!

      I'm still using my slug running SlugOS (BE) 5.3-beta and it works great. My parents are on a very slow dsl link and i'm thinking of 'upgrading them' (speed-wise) to a wireless isp, or even a data plan on a LTE carrier (att, verizon, etc).

      I need to see how much traffic they consume each month to see if they could fit into a 5gig, 10gig, etc. plan (since both wireless isps and LTE carriers both meter bandwidth pretty low). I was reading about MRTG and vnstat, etc. and want to know if i can install one of these tools on my slug?

      i know the nic would need to be put into promiscuous mode (from what i've read), but i don't know much else. Their home router allows snmp access on the lan and it also has the option to write syslog output to another node on the network. Would any of these help?

      What are my options?


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