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8909Weird issue after enabling SSL in Apache

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  • htwiz2005
    Mar 23, 2013
      I'm finding an odd issue after enabling SSL in Apache. Now, when I try
      to wget a file based on last modified date (The full command is: wget -i
      dl.txt -m -x -nH --cut-dirs=1 -N -nv), I find that wget never fully
      receives headers from the slug anymore.
      [The Story]Basically, I had set it up (previously) to run off of port
      8000 (since my ISP blocks port 80) and everything was fine. So after
      discovering that https was unblocked, I decided to follow the
      instructions on the wiki
      <http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/EnableHTTPSforApache> . That all
      went fine and dandy, I can now browse to the slug without having to type
      in the extra :8000 at the end (albeit a little slowly, not sure what's
      impacting performance so much). Now, using wget to grab the files
      initially works, since it's smart enough not to ask the server about the
      files when they don't already exist at the destination, however the
      HEADER request doesn't receive data (even though it's logged in the
      apache access logs). Funny thing is, when I attempt the same command via
      telnet to the appropriate port, I can obtain the requisite response, but
      only after hitting Enter a second time (obviously not correct in the
      http spec).
      Anyone know what could have gone wrong or how to fix it? It's causing an
      update mechanism I wrote to fail miserably because it takes forever for
      wget to timeout on its' own.

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