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89Serious Bug in NSLU2 !?

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  • Nickola
    Sep 1, 2004
      Hi there,

      Did anyone was create share called "management" ?
      My NSLU2 web interface crashed and stop working after I create this

      If you are interested, read my description of the problem:

      I have NSLU2 device connected to MAXTOR OneToch drive.
      I start to create shares and after the fifth share the web interface
      stop working. I try anything - stop, start, reset, etc. - but I
      can't bring the device interface "to live". Meanwhile, NSLU2 still
      working as s file server!

      After a couple of experiments I found, that the web interface start
      working only if the hard drive is disconnected!.
      I read all articles, that I found in the web, but nobody was write
      something about.

      I connect the hard drive directly to the PC and format it.
      After that, I connect the hard drive back to NSLU2 and start create
      shares again. And I found that after creation of share
      called "management", the web interface stop working!!

      I've made this experiments several times, and the result is the

      I think that this is a bug in the software.
      Did anyone have the same problem ?
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