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8792Can Pogoplug mount an NFS network share and allow access from the web?

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  • ingenuitycapital
    Nov 28, 2012
      Essentially, I would like to make the Pogoplug use a network share the same way it uses a USB drive.

      There is a thread from the old Pogoplug forums about using the pogoplug to share a WHS network drive on the web. Unfortunately the forum has been taken down so I can't see how it was done.

      I followed the directions here http://openpogo.tumblr.com/page/2 and was able to get the pogoplug to mount and access an NFS share from a terminal window, but not from my.pogoplug.com.

      To get this far I did the following:

      SSH in to the pogoplug
      mkdir /tmp/nfs
      mount -t nfs -o hard,udp,nolock /tmp/nfs

      I have a feeling that the pogoplug might need to have the network share mounted in a specific location to be picked up and shared by the pogoplug. Does anyone know if this is true and/or where the mountpoint needs to be?
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