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8576Re: AFP CNID DB error

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  • oddballhero
    Mar 14, 2012
      Hello Adam,
      It's been a while since I wrote those instructions, I modified it somewhat since I have a 2TB drive running off the Sata port and backing up 4 Macs on the Pro. Guess somebody else can update the pages. Haven't upgraded, so can't say if there is a problem with the packages. Anyway my Optware AppleVolumes.default looks like (watch out for linewrap):
      :DEFAULT: options:upriv,usedots
      /tmp/timemachine/TimeMachines/TimeMachine1 "Time Machine 1" cnidscheme:cdb options:tm
      /tmp/timemachine/TimeMachines/TimeMachine2 "Time Machine 2" cnidscheme:cdb options:tm
      /tmp/timemachine/TimeMachines/TimeMachine3 "Time Machine 3" cnidscheme:cdb options:tm
      /tmp/timemachine/TimeMachines/TimeMachine4 "Time Machine 4" cnidscheme:cdb options:tm

      Make sure you followed the instructions for Users and Groups. Most problems relate to permissions (unless you are like my brother who messed up dbus for a while). It might help to chown user.grp the actual volumes with the afp user you set up. Good Luck!

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "adamant628" <adam.suhy@...> wrote:
      > Thank you all for your help with my previous issues. Bill was able to set me straight with the swap files.
      > Now, I am trying to set up AFP on my pogoplug for timemachine functionality. I followed the how-to: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/TimeMachineBackups to the letter. I now see the timemachine drive in my shared drive on my mac, and I am able to connect. However, when I connect and attempt to access the drive, I get an error about my CNID DB, and it is using a temporary CNID DB.
      > The disk is ext3 formatted.
      > I found some threads on other sites about checking the AppleVolumes.default file, but I wasn't really sure what I was looking for, plus everything is commented out, so I'm not sure how that would help, unless it is just read by another script? These are the only mention of CNID in that file:
      > # cnidserver:server[:port]
      > # -> Query this servername or IP address
      > # (default:localhost) and port (default: 4700)
      > # for CNIDs. Only used with CNID backend "dbd".
      > # This option here overrides any setting from
      > # afpd.conf:cnidserver.
      > # password:password -> set a volume password (8 characters max)
      > # cnidscheme:scheme -> set the cnid scheme for the volume,
      > # default is [dbd]
      > # available schemes: [dbd last tdb]
      > and again a few lines lower:
      > # nocnidcache -> Don't store and read CNID to/from AppleDouble file.
      > # This should not be used as it also prevents a CNID
      > # database rebuild with `dbd`!
      > Hope you can help! Thanks.
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