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8552Re: Stock Linksys/Cisco 2.3R63 firmware - where is it?

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  • mstombs
    Feb 7, 2012
      There is a copy of NSLU2_V23RA5_fw.bin available for download on modem-help.co.uk, IIRC this was slightly later than V23R63 which had release notes


      A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

      Firmware Release Notes for NSLU2.
      V2.3R63 (7/06/2005)
      1. FAT32/NTFS support on Port 2 and FAT32/EXT3 support on port 1

      The latest Linksys version I have binary + GPL is NSLU2_V23R76.bin dating from August 2007.

      Again happy to upload somewhere...
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