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8548unslung - web interface corruption

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  • fgm
    Jan 14, 2012
      My unslung web interface became corrupted over time. This manifested first in minor ways, sometimes a missing css, a few broken table in the share page, not being able to set the time through the interface, etc.
      Because the main functions worked, I did not care about it, since I only use it to restart the slug time to time.

      But now it's not functioning anymore: I can still login to it, and browse through the management pages, but the javascript buttons are dead: I click them and nothing happens. No restart, no reset, no refresh, no details, nothing.

      I copied the offending html pages to my pc, and opened them in a text editor: a few characters missing, or changed in the .html like it would be on an old and degrading floppy. Probably the USB drive is on its way to go belly up, I don't know.

      Does any of you know a way to restore the web interface files besides reflashing and unslunging again? I think I just need a working copy of the html folder, but googled it to no avail.
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