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8547Update of plowshare

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  • atomicboy44610
    Jan 6, 2012
      I recently installed the package v0.9.1 Plowshare that date a year ago. This is what the developers told me when I posted a request on their site. I posted this request because I could not use the command plowup that allows to upload in megaupload.

      Here is some information on my system installed in a Synology DS710 + NAS:
      # Version of my system and shell:
      BusyBox v1.16.1 (2011-11-26 2:58:53 p.m. CT) built-in shell (ash)
      posix linux2 NAS3TERRA Linux SMP # 1955 Sat 26 November 2011 2:52:27 p.m. CT x86_64
      python: 2.5.6 (r256: 88840, May 30 2011, 7:42:58) [GCC 4.2.1]
      Plowshare v 0.9.1

      I have not found Plowshare in the list of packages on your site, except this page: http://trac.nslu2-linux.org/optware/log/trunk/make/plowshare.mk. This URL was only findable by google.

      I know about using a linux and installing packages with ipkg but I can not update an ipk package myself.

      I tried to install from source available here:
      but this does not work very well and my system does not record the paths in the environment varaibles. I tried to use the upload script directly (upload.sh) but it seems that the script does not recognize "host" correctly.

      My question:
      Does someone could compile a pakage ipk updated from recent sources of this project which is very active ?

      I read your site and I know if I have a satisfactory answer I should update the Wiki and / or the HowTo while following the process.

      I use google translation to write this message because French is my native language, so excuse me if my sentences are incorrectly written

      Thank you for reading this message. And thank you so much for your answers.