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8530Re: Thinking my dockstar is bricked---power surge???

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  • oddballhero
    Dec 7, 2011
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      Well Bruce,
      If it is fried, its kinda strange to have a solid green light. If you unplug it without the flash drive (so it does not get corrupted) and with the network disconnected, does it still come up with a solid green light? If it does not, then you ruled out the boot process and the network interface. Then it may have changed IP address (I'm assuming you are still running the native udhcpc and not placed a fixed IP), which is why you cannot ping or use ssh. You also may have just been updated by Cloud Engines with the new firmware for large drives (like the pro) and need to use their interface to re-setup ssh access.

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, bruce turrie <bturrie@...> wrote:
      > So, I can't ssh into my dockstar, I can't even ping it. We've had a few power hits lately but the dockstar was on UPS. The light on the front turns solid green, after a reset, but its not reachable.
      > I had been running the original openpogo software and the flash drive seems okay. I've tried accessing the dockstar with and without the flash drive inserted. I've changed network cables, and I've moved the dockstar to a port on a different switch. Am I missing anything else worth trying?
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