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8526Re: [nslu2-general] How can I gain full access to NSLU2 formatted drive when connnecting it directly to a LinuxPC

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  • Fajar A. Nugraha
    Dec 1, 2011
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      On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Sledge Hammer
      <sledgebeast@...> wrote:
      > OK
      > In terminal I typed gksu nautilus.... Now what.

      Did a new nautilus (a.k.a "file manager") window show up?

      > I still cant write to the External Hard Drive. Is what your telling me to do only the first step or what?

      You should. Since the nautilus you opened has root privileges. But
      only in that particular window.

      > Theres got to be more to it.
      > I would assume the drive has access rights created by the NSLU2 that are preventing me from mounting the drive read/write.

      That's what "gksu" is for.

      There are cases when a drive is force-mounted read-only, like when it
      has unrecoverable errors. I can't think of any "newbie-friendly" way
      to test or fix it though. My best advice at this point:
      - make sure you try the operation (copy, etc.) from the gksu-ed
      window, not from your normal nautilus window
      - type "mount" from your terminal window, make sure the drive is not
      mounted read-only for some reason. And make sure it's ext3 (instead of
      some read-only fileystem like squashfs or whatever)
      - get your local linux expert (or at least, someone who knows about
      filesystems and permissions) to help

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