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8515Unable to download large files (+1GB) via web interface.

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  • raheny99
    Nov 21 8:29 AM
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      I have encountered a strange bug or "feature" when attempting to download files from a USB drive connected to an NSLU onto an Andriod tablet via the Linksys NSLU web interface. I have searched wikis, forums and FAQs on several sites including nslu2-linux.org but have yet to find an answer to this issue.

      First some background, as stated I am trying to download movie files from an external HD attached to an unslung slug to view on an ZT-180 Android tablet running 2.2.

      I browse to the NSLU web portal and then to the network share and drill down to the avi or mp4 movie file I want. A long click on the chosen file and then I select `Save Link' and then OK to `Save as:'

      Most times this results in the movie file downloading onto the tablet. Most files copy down onto the table just fine, but as I've started to do this more often in recent weeks (grab a movie to watch in bed on the tablet or when commuting) I've begun to encounter the following issue.

      After I select Save As.

      The next screen displays:

      Download History

      Download unsuccessful.

      And I'm left with a 1KB file. This appears to happen only with files over 1GB, other movie files I have are 700-900MB and download fine.

      I manage the content of the HD through Nautilus 2.32 on a Linux netbook and for the most part the drive is used as a samba server delivering content wirelessly to an XBMC Live setup. It has been performing this task flawlessly for nearly a year now.

      However on my android tablet I have to browse to the web interface for the NSLU and from there onto the shares in order to copy a movie onto the tablet. I have do it this way on the tablet as Android is unable to authenticate to the NSLU shares through ES File Share or Astro file manager or any other SMB app I've tried on the tablet.

      I think this is due to the fact I do not know the user password for the disk, I am not asked for this on any other PC I have but on the tablet the login prompt ALWAYS appears. I cannot create a new user account on the NSLU as the two 1TB drives attached are formatted as FAT32 and each is nearly half full, so I'm not reformatting them to EXT3 just to be able to create a new user on the NSLU.

      As I said most files copy down onto the tablet just fine, I've only discovered this issue in the last few weeks as I've started to use the tablet more for watching movies.

      Some basic troubleshooting steps I've done myself have been to try replicating this with other browsers and on different devices and OS. So far I have replicated this issue on the Tablet with the following browsers:

      Android stock browser,
      Opera (does not offer "Save Link" option).

      I have also replicated it under Linuxmint 10 using:

      And also under Windows 7 using:

      This would lead me to conclude that there is a limit to the file size one can copy from the web interface of the NSLU?

      Can anyone shed light on this or give a definitive answer, and if so can this be worked around or altered.

      Thanks for reading,

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