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8502Re: [nslu2-general] Question about adding a read only serial port

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  • Rob Lockhart
    Oct 29, 2011
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      Sorry for the delay, I don't often check my messages here.

      I think you are missing something critical here. The NSLU2 uses a TTL
      serial interface which means that the signal levels are either 0V or 3.3V.
      RS232 uses positive/negative voltage levels which are supposed to be
      +/-12V. Some devices only output about 6-9V though but so long as it is -6
      to +6, that's enough to be used. This conversion from USB (0V/5V) to +/-6V
      is done with internal charge pumps which serve as a level converter. So
      let's summarize:

      USB-to-RS232 converter
      USB connections: GND, DATA+, DATA-, +5VDC
      RS232 connections: Tx = pin 2, Rx = pin 3, GND = pin 5.

      Note that RS232 always provides either high or low power for Tx, and I
      believe with no characters transmitted a voltmeter should show a negative

      You cannot connect the RS232 output of a USB-to-RS232 adapter directly to
      the NSLU2 TTL serial port, as that may damage the board trying to send
      negative voltages into the TTL serial port and overvoltage (>3.3V) to the
      TTL serial port.

      If the device shown in the USB-RS232 adapter are no longer present, you'll
      have to use a third device which converts RS232 to TTL. Please see this

      That converts the RS232 signaling to TTL, which is what the NSLU2 requires.
      Or if you prefer to keep your USB-RS232 adapter in-tact, you can use this:

      or you can try your luck on Ebay:

      I hope that helps!

      On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 04:51, kajsde <amitkupadhyaya@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I am referring to adding the serial port page
      > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddASerialPort
      > In particular the section - "Read only connection without level
      > conversion". I have a doubt regarding the connections that are mentioned
      > here. Can someone shed some light on what exactly is meant by
      > the three connections mentioned below :
      > 1) What I did was connecting the 5V VCC provided by USB to the VCC pin of
      > the converter
      > 2) both GNDs (The one of the NSLU2 and the one of USB) to the GND pin and
      > the NSLU2s
      > 3) TXD pin directly to the converters RXD pin
      > As far as I understand - there are 4 pins on the NSLU2 (3.3V, Rx,Tx,GND)
      > and there are two sides of the USB-RS232 converter. The USB side has four
      > pins (5v, +Data, -Data, Gnd) and the serial port side has 9 pins. Can
      > someone tell me exactly what are the connections here - or am i missing
      > something?

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