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8497Re: Thermal Shutdown of NSLU2

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  • maik_nospam_reiss
    Sep 25 3:53 AM
      If you mean 34 degree "Celsius", no, it does not shut down. Read more below. But if you mean "Fahrenheit", I have no experience.

      I had my two NSLU2s running inside a closed small wooden cabinet (old
      bedroom side box), located in a very small room in the attic. This room also contains the central heating and central hot water tank. Because of the black roof tiles, it reaches 45° degrees in the summertime. Sometimes also 45 in the winter, after the whole family took hot water for the bathtub =:-)
      Note, both NSLU2s have been so hot, the front panels lost the glue and
      bend away. Crazy!

      After 2 years of 24/7 operation with SlugOS/LE 5.3 and each one driving a 1TB external disk, I lost both power supplies within short time.
      *This* was really looking like a *shutdown*. Or sometimes like "shutdown each time I open ssh" or like "shutdown each time I call net use \\server1.home\samba_share". So I repaired the PSUs and moved my whole setup to a northeast windowed storage room in the ground floor. Now they are in an open IKEA cupboard, together with an APC power backup, at 15..21 degree Celsius. The room also contains our very energy efficient freezer. The NSLUs + Disks + UPS + switch + DSL modem are generating more heat then the freezer does, at least for my feeling. Since 9 or 10 month, the new place is running well and the NSLU2s never again got hot or shut down or such.
      I'll move two Sheeva Plugs to the same place soon, curious about the heating of the room, then.

      hope this is nice information and helps somebody,
      Mai K. R.

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Chris Christou <jeanluke_cyprus@...> wrote:
      > Has anyone seen a NSLU2 Shutdown? If so at what temperature. I have a situation where i think mine is Locking up when the temperaure of the room gets to 34 Degrees, and humiduity of 70%, i live by the sea. however i  am below 40 Degrees C so I assumed it would not have such issues.
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