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  • rwhitby
    May 31 10:34 PM
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      Seven years ago when nslu2-linux.org started, Optware became one of its first sub-projects. Optware opened up the NSLU2 to an entire world of opportunities. Suddenly, end users who were not programmers or Linux geeks could use their "Slugs" to do almost anything without having to search for code, cross compile, and install. Running software on the Slug became as easy as any other platform.

      Seven years later, Optware is the most enduring body of work that the project created. With over forty build targets and thousands of packages available Optware is a very widely recognizable "brand".

      Optware continues to be an active and progressive distribution system. Frequent submissions add new build targets, add new packages, keep the existing packages "fresh", and fix problems. It has moved far beyond the Slug and is used on routers, cell phones, tablets, NAS servers, and other consumer devices. The possibilities continue to expand.

      In light of this expansive nature and large and growing platform list, Optware needs to come into its own as a project in its own right. So with the blessing of nslu2-linux.org, we announce

      ********* optware-project.org. ********

      The same folks who have worked on Optware for the last seven years will continue to lead that effort:

      * Brian Zhou will continue to lead the project, in overall charge of direction and quality control.

      * Derek Young will continue to manage the package distribution system.

      * Tom King will continue to maintain the build farm infrastructure and do whatever possible to keep things running smoothly.

      We need to ask something of you too. We ask that you continue to support their efforts as you have supported them through nslu2-linux with your contributions of attention, promotion, submission and financial support.

      While Optware is splitting off into its own project space, it is not abandoning its base. The ties between Optware and nslu2-linux are strong and are not going away. This division gives us a chance to make Optware even more visible in the cell phone, tablet, and consumer electronics arenas outside of the Slug.

      Thanks for your work and your attention over the last seven years, and here's looking forward to the next seven and beyond.

      -- Rod Whitby
      -- NSLU2-Linux.org and Optware founder
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