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8368Slug Ethernet dead, but slug appears functional

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  • sdleander
    Mar 1, 2011
      All -

      I have been running unslung for a couple of weeks, and I was following the instructions on how to repair disk errors with fsck (boot times were 4-5 min) and somewhere along the line my Ethernet port died - no Ethernet LED and no access.

      I have tried another cable and port on my switch (no lights there either), tried booting with and without the external HD - it seems to go thru the motions (blinking ready/status, HD access, beeps) - but no Ethernet. It doesn't show up in upslug either (I can get it into upgrade mode).

      Any ideas? Or is it time to get to the serial port? Not sure it's worth the cost to build the TTL/3v3 converter...


      P.S. - I had written a bunch of PHP scripts and just backed them up when this occurred - whew!
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