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8356unslung devel - ncurses not found?

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  • htwiz2005
    Feb 15, 2011
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      Apparently htop has disappeared from the package server, and so I set out to try to get it compiled myself. Unfortunately, after installing about three different developing packages (cross-native, unslung-devel, and related) and installing ncurses-dev and ncrusesw-dev, htop's ./configure failes, mentioning that:

      checking for refresh in -lncurses... no
      checking for curses.h... (cached) no
      configure: error: missing libraries: libncurses

      I have copied the ncurses directory (originally installed to /opt/include) to be libncurses as well, and these two folders are in various places where a directory called "include" can be found, but even with all of this, it still fails with the above message.

      After futzing around with this for well over five hours, can anyone tell me what/where to put the libncurses library file(s) so I can continue my attempt to compile?
      Googling has only brought the suggestion "just use the apk-get ncurses-devel blah blah blah", but this clearly won't work for many reasons.
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