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8347Re: ntpclient and setting clock

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  • mspohr
    Feb 8, 2011
      Dear Mike,
      Thanks very much for taking the time with this detailed answer. I have been able to make some progress but not yet to the point where ntpclient "just works" ... that would be nice.

      The realization that SlugOS is a normal Linux and not the hybrid beast of UnSlung is important and will help me a lot.

      Once I get this nailed down, I will look into updating the Wiki.

      All the best,

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Westerhof (mwester)" <mwester@...> wrote:
      > On 2/8/2011 12:13 AM, mspohr wrote:
      > > I'm running SlugOS 5.3 and trying to get the clock to have the correct time (it's stuck in 2005).
      > > I installed ntpclient using opkg (not ipkg).
      > > The instructions here:
      > > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/FixTheClockUsingAdjtimexAndNtpclient
      > > ... are confusing and seem to refer to unslung only.
      > Yep. Unslung is a completely different beast from any normal Linux
      > system - you can't use Unslung directions on anything else. For SlugOS,
      > well, it's a normal Linux system -- use any other normal linux reference
      > to figure out how to use a package.
      > > It says something was fixed in SlugOS (but not the clock, apparently).
      > The clock in SlugOS works just fine. The reference is to an ancient bug
      > in the Linux kernel that got the clock frequency wrong, so the clock
      > drifted. It was fixed in SlugOS, then pushed upstream, and the fix has
      > been part of the standard Linux kernel for a long, long time.
      > But, to be clear, that fix is only for a clock that drifts -- if yours
      > is merely at the *wrong* time, then just set the time in the normal
      > Linux fashion. If yours is literally *stuck*, then you may need to take
      > more drastic action -- pop the device open, and replace the internal
      > battery. See the wiki for instructions.
      > > I did create the file S10ntpclient in /opt/etc/init.d as directed on this page but I don't have the unslung directories for the other files. This did not fix the clock... still 2005.
      > Right.
      > > Any suggestions on how to fix this in SlugOS 5.3?
      > Well, start by correcting your clock the normal way. Use the "date"
      > command to set the system's idea of the current date and time. Then use
      > the "hwclock" command to push the current (now correct) time into the
      > hardware clock chip. Take care to note the timezone -- if you followed
      > the wiki instructions on how to turnup and configure SlugOS, you have
      > set your local timezone, and you'll want to use the '--utc' option to
      > "hwclock" so that the hardware clock is set to UTC time (which is the
      > right way to do it for Linux machines):
      > root@frankenslug:~# date
      > Sun Jan 4 12:19:35 CST 2004
      > root@frankenslug:~# date '2011-02-08 08:23:00'
      > Tue Feb 8 08:23:00 CST 2011
      > root@frankenslug:~# date
      > Tue Feb 8 08:23:04 CST 2011
      > root@frankenslug:~# hwclock --systohc --utc
      > root@frankenslug:~# hwclock -r
      > Tue Feb 8 14:24:05 2011 0.000000 seconds
      > As for ntpclient, I just installed it, and it works out-of-the-box. No
      > configuration necessary. It will NOT adjust your hardware clock, though
      > - just the system clock. If it fails to do that, then perhaps your
      > NSLU2 can't reach the internet (try pinging pool.ntp.org from the
      > NSLU2). Or perhaps, like NTP, if you clock is too far off it decides
      > that something is too wrong for it to correct, and requires human
      > interaction to set the clock at least close to the real time before it
      > will adjust it.
      > Feel free to add the above instructions to the wiki article so as to
      > help the next person who wishes to use ntpclient.
      > -Mike (mwester)
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