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8293bizarre uuid behavior

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  • biodiesel_bri
    Jan 6, 2011
      I'm seeing some strange behavior on my 3rd slug running SlugOSBE 5.2.

      blkid reports identical UUIDs for two partitions, okay, they're identical drives with the exact same size partitions.

      I used tune2fs -U random /dev/sda3 on the first and tune2fs -U date /dev/sdb3 on the second partition (on my Kubuntu 10.10 desktop, since there doesn't seem to be a tune2fs in ipkg or opkg). blkid -l reports new UUIDs for both partitions from the Kubuntu machine.

      When I plug the drives in to the slug, blkid reports the old UUIDs. Deleting /etc/blkid.tab and reboting gives me the same issue.

      Any thoughts?
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