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8271Re: [nslu2-general] Ethernet po blem with NSLU2

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  • Mike Westerhof
    Dec 4, 2010
      First thing to try is to follow the steps to enter "upgrade mode" (use
      the reset button method on the wiki) -- and once you see the correct
      pattern in the LEDs, see if the upgrade utility (upslug2 or the windows
      utility) can see the device on the network. This will tell you if the
      port has failed, or if the software or configuration is an issue.

      If the port seems to be dead even in upgrade mode, the first thing to
      try is the connector/cable. They do go bad (especially if one has cats
      in the house! :D). Another common problem on NLSU2s is the power supply
      -- they seem to have a distinct failure mode, which causes all sorts of
      odd behaviors. The original one is rated at 2 amps -- if you have
      nothing plugged into the USB ports on the NSLU2 you can easily get by
      with a 1 amp (or slightly less) unit, which are easier to come by for
      testing purposes. If that turns out to be the problem, you'll have to
      find a full 2 amp or more replacement, though.

      -Mike (mwester)

      Paul Marwick wrote:
      > I have a NSLU" which was unslung to a 512mb flash drive a couple of
      > months ago. It is used to connect a Toppfield Freeview PVR to the
      > network. Doesn't get a huge amount of use, but I have used it to backup
      > recordings from the Toppy hard drive and to move new firmware to the Toppy.
      > Yesterday, I found that it had the ethernet LED on the front panel
      > blinking. Couldn't log in to the web interface, and I've had no luck
      > trying to reboot it.
      > It looks as though the ethernet port has died, but I'm wondering if
      > there is any way to be sure that is the problem. I don't really want to
      > have to try and find another one if I can avoid it.....
      > Paul.
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