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8253php_5.2.14-1_mipsel.ipk bug report

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  • geza.buza
    Oct 27, 2010
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      I would like to report a bug effecting the php package.

      Opkg repository:

      Version info:
      root@WLRouter:~# opkg status php
      Package: php
      Version: 5.2.14-1
      Depends: bzip2, openssl, zlib, libxml2, libxslt, gdbm, libdb, pcre,
      cyrus-sasl-libs, openldap-libs
      Status: install ok installed
      Architecture: mipsel
      /opt/etc/php.ini 211ce782fa34ea1da50a564a63094fe3
      Installed-Time: 1283700360

      If I run the
      root@WLRouter:~# /opt/bin/php -r "echo round(5.5);"
      command, than php exits with the following error message: php: can't
      resolve symbol 'isinf'.

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