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8211Re: [nslu2-general] nslu2 will boot via redboot but not normally

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  • Mike Westerhof
    Aug 31 4:46 PM
      sszretter wrote:
      > I have been dealing with an issue where my nslu2 will not boot and will also not go in to upgrade mode via the reset button.
      > So I finally figured out how to get in to redboot mode, and was able to use the upgrade command and flash that way.
      > It still would not boot, but I found if I go in to redboot, and not press control-c, it boots! Currently I have SlugOS installed, boots fine and I can log in.
      > However, if I power down or tell SlugOS to reboot, the unit reboots and just sits with the amber light and ethernet green light. Never goes further.
      > any ideas?

      Do you have the serial console mod on your NSLU2? Sounds like the same
      symptoms that happen when the serial cable is un-terminated, and
      reflects the transmitted data back down the recieved data line. The
      result is that the NSLU2 stops the boot because it thinks it sees data
      coming from the console to interrupt the boot.

      If not, then I would look for something similar that might stop the boot
      -- perhaps a defective power or reset button?

      -Mike (mwester)
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