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8017Re: [nslu2-general] Large HDD Raid

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  • Mike Westerhof
    Jan 29, 2010
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      whitehat09 wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > Im not very linux savy but love my slug. My current setup is running the latest Unslung firmware with a 750GB WD my book connected to Disk 1, for packages I use Ushare and take advantage of the FTP capabilities by remotely connecting, and run a crappy lil website. My question is can the slug perform disk-disk backups (raid?) on 1TB or larger drives? (so 1TB drive on disk 1 and 1TB drive on disk 2) I recently bought a PS3 and have fallen prey to the world of HD content, and movie files between 5-10GBs each will probably fill my 750GB HDD soon (plus all the other crap on there), and the raid is just because Ive heard of horrible external HDD stories where they just die. Ive done some research buts its been difficult finding an answer.

      RAID and the disk-to-disk copy are very different things. Unslung
      doesn't do RAID (yeah, I know the wiki has an article on how to do it,
      but that's just for experimenters, and doesn't provide a practical way
      to make it work for real). So the disk-to-disk copy is the only
      solution for Unslung. RAID works on SlugOS very nicely.

      The real issues are speed and reliability. External USB devices are
      notoriously susceptible to getting out-of-sync, with either solution,
      which then results in enormous amounts of time to resync them. The
      disk-to-disk copy will chew up bandwidth as it runs to sync the two
      filesystems; a RAID solution will be a bit better in that it will do
      that in the background.

      You may also run into issues with large partitions on Unslung. It
      simply doesn't have the memory to manage partitions that big; for
      example the fsck utility will just run out of RAM.

      It's worth an experiment, perhaps. And it might be that you find this
      email to be less than completely clear in providing an answer :) It
      would seem that there isn't a clear answer availalbe; it's a set of
      compromises that maybe you can live with, or maybe not.

      -Mike (mwester)
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