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8016Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Access Denied Error

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  • Mike Westerhof
    Jan 29, 2010
      vi_sharan wrote:
      > I am logging via openssh. Checked the var/log/messages couldn't find anything related to openssh
      > --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Mike Westerhof <mwester@...> wrote:
      >> vi_sharan wrote:
      >>> I have connected a second 500GB Seagate USB Drive to my disk2 port. After sometime I start getting Access denied when I try logging on to my slug....Until I remove this disk2 & reboot it wont let me in...
      >>> the disk2 is ext 3 format....
      >> I'm going to take a guess here that you are running Unslung. Perhaps
      >> you have run into the issue described in the section on the wiki about
      >> which port to use? (You'll have to search; I don't have the page handy).
      >> If that's not it, then you'll have to provide additional information.
      >> Where do you see this message? Are you logging in via telnet, ssh, or
      >> web server? What firmware? What, precisely, do you mean by "the dis2
      >> is ext 3 format" -- did you format it on the slug using the Unslung web
      >> gui, or was it formatted on another Linux system?
      >> -Mike (mwester)

      I'm still betting that you are running into the issue described in the
      wiki -- you can't add a second disk device to an already-unslung system
      unless you planned for it from the beginning. I think the wiki outlines
      the issue, and may provide some work-arounds. In a nutshell, when you
      add a second natively-formatted hard drive to the Linksys firmware, most
      configurations will end up with the new disk's config partition
      replacing the existing config partition, which causes all sorts of havoc.

      -Mike (mwester)
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