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7990performance - SMB

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  • SSzretter
    Jan 5, 2010
      I am looking for some feedback/advice - I put this NSLU2 in place of an
      energy hog windows tower since it's primary purpose was for samba
      sharing. So the new NSLU2 works ok, I get pretty decent throughput, but
      I find for some reason I am no longer able to reliably stream video (1-2gb
      divx files). Usually the video will start and play for a while - could be
      5 minutes, could be 30 minutes, then it gets jumpy, or stops/hangs. I never
      had this problem with the tower.

      The NSLU2 has the resistor removed so it is running at 266, and I am running
      debian on it. The drive with the video has noatime set, and is ext2. The
      only extra I installed is ftp. I think I have it pretty well optimized,
      so it seems like it should be more reliable.

      Any thoughts or advice?


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