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7966Nlsu debian wont boot

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  • m_sat_l
    Dec 11, 2009
      Hi all!
      after installing debian on my slug and running for a week, yesterday I was connecting in ssh to my slug and after 20 second it put me out....
      grr and I can't reconnect.
      So I've pushed the green button but nothing appened.
      Keeping pushed also nothing...

      Unplugged and replugged the power cable, but now after a few minute I've only "disk 1" light (where leave the USB stick with debian) on
      and nothing more.

      If I ping my slug it respond for 20-25 times and then no response for 100-150 times.

      I don't know what I can do to resume it.

      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you very much.