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7879Re: [nslu2-general] Unslung ?

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  • Mike Westerhof (mwester)
    Aug 28, 2009
      pmptg wrote:
      > It's late and I 'unslung' my NSLU which is good but instead of relaxing and starting fresh in the morning, I went ahead and installed ssh and FireFly (mt-daapd). Now I can't get it working (Firefly) and my brain is getting Fried. How do I start from scratch? Can I just reformat my drive (Port 2) and start from there or is it deeper than that....... HELP!!!!
      The procedure is described on the wiki and should be in the mailing
      lists archives for nslu2-general and/or nslu2-linux...

      but to repeat it, just use the "reset button" method to enter upgrade
      mode on the NSLU2 and reflash the firmware, and as for the disk/flash to
      which you unslung, you'll need to return that to its factory settings
      (using any technique you wish, but most folks find that plugging the
      device into a Linux or Windows host and returning it to a
      single-partition, FAT-or-NTFS formatted to be easiest; I've also posted
      a URL to an HP utility that automagically repartitions and reformats USB
      devices on Windows hosts -- again google/search is your friend).

      Mike (mwester)
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