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7868RE: [nslu2-general] What next?

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  • Urban Cubbage
    Aug 11 3:57 PM

      Well I had taken a good look at where I wanted to go when my slug died in
      March. Looked at lots of NAS and home server boxes. Decided that I wanted
      to get a home server setup since I had 3 desktops, 2 portables, Xbox360 and
      two Tivo boxes. What I wanted to do was get a central backup, media server,
      media storage/conversion etc. I finally sat down and wrote up a list of
      requirements for this new box, went through several editions before final
      version was printed. I now have a Windows Home Server with 8 TB of hard
      drive storage. Got a box from Tranquil PC out of UK, a SQA-5A. Love the
      system, storage and being able to finally have backups of everything.


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      I am currently using a SLUG with one harddrive as a debian box hosting an
      repository for my private document management system. It works quite OK, but
      would like some more power when it comes to data throughput and fancy some

      Do you guys know of any hardware that
      - can house two drives (external or internal)
      - can spin down the drives (my external drive cannot spin down currently)
      [--> the WD mybook series can do that on their own, right?]
      - does have a little bit more power than the nslu2 (for example to run a
      - does have moderate to low power consumption
      - debian can be installed upon
      - is available in Europe?

      Thanks and best regards,



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