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7851Dead power brick

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  • adflyer_09
    Jun 7, 2009
      A few weeks back I noticed that my slug was continually rebooting. As it wasn't really required and the power brick was buried behind cupboards, I just pulled the power plug out of the unit and left it. Today I decided to find out what was wrong with it. Turns out the power brick is now completely dead.

      I opened it up (using the suggested chopsticks and vice method!) only to discover sooty marks on the big yellow transformer, R9 burnt out and most spectacularly, the top of the U1 IC blown off! Little wonder it no longer works!

      Can anyone recommend a specific replacement for the original "AD 5/2A" / "SA070507" ? I'm happy to go digging to find one, but just thought I'd ask first as it may save me some time.

      Alternatively, does anyone have one they no longer need?

      (I'm in the UK, so looking for a 3-pin brick, although the Linksys original is interchangeable.)

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