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7848Re: NSLU2 capabilities.... printer / 2 x hdd / sabnzb / xbox 360 media server

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  • Joel Gebhart
    Jun 3 10:54 AM
      > Does anyone know the this device is cable of susstaining the above processes ?

      It's all in how hard you are hitting it. I had CUPS, samba, mt-daapd, nginx and a few other small things running on my Slug and was completely happy. Reading and writing to a disk, a fast slug (266mhz version) can only saturate about 60% of a 100mbs link as I recall discovering. Watching a show over the media server and doing file operations on another computer would probably be fine. Trying to watch 2 streams on the media server you might get occasional choppiness if they are not both SD. Printing doesn't seem to have much of an impact and I doubt sabnzb would either. I think NSLU2 has an analog to nice for process priority, but I can't remember how to do it right now.
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