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7847Used wrong power supply and now it's trash?

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  • waxdonut
    Jun 2, 2009
      We were moving the living room furniture around to do some painting. When we finished, I was moving a little too fast getting everything back together. <drumroll, please> I accidentally plugged a 12V power supply (from the Wiimote recharger) into the Slug and tried to turn it on. My only defense is that it fit. Anyway, nothing happened. When I plugged the right brick in, the slug still did nothing. It does not light up at all when pushing the power button.

      Interestingly, I have a second Slug which works fine. I have that hooked up now and all is great. However, if I unplug the working Slug, plug in the dead Slug, and try to turn the dead Slug on, no lights or anything.

      Before I toss the dead Slug in the trash, I was wondering if the group can confirm that it's a lost cause. Is it dead?

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