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7805Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Global profile for ash

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  • Mike (mwester)
    Apr 30, 2009
      jl0242 wrote:
      > Thanks Rod, you've hit the nail on the head there. I'm pretty sure I'm seeing the busybox 'find' applet in action here. A few questions:
      > 1. Is there any problem in me symlinking /bin/sh to /opt/bin/bash? (I have bash installed). Will this affect any core Unslung (6.10) functionality?

      Don't do that. As others have already pointed out, there are numerous
      other ways to ensure that you get the correct "find" utility.

      There are differences between /bin/sh (the busybox "ash" shell) and bash
      -- these differences may result in strange behavior of your device, or
      may even prevent it from booting correctly.

      I'm still confused - why not just set the default shell for your login
      account to /bin/bash, and be done with all this? If you need to run
      bash for some reason from a startup script then just invoke bash
      directly from your startup script:


      do whatever stuff one needs...

      > 2. Has the 'find' applet always been included in the BusyBox config for Unslung? I'm not sure entirely certain why, but I never had these problems before I moved to Unslung 6.10 recently. The other examples I've found on the list all seem to have been posted since Unslung 6.10.

      No. A great deal of work was done to make it possible to use the
      busybox find applet, in order to save flash space.

      > 3. Is there a reason that Unslung is still using BusyBox 1.3.1? They look to have got to 1.14.x now.

      Er -- Unslung 6.x pre-dates busybox 1.14 by a loooong ways. You have to
      look at what was generally considered a stable version of busybox back
      when Unslung 6.x development was underway.

      Also, there's the need for flash space; the design goal for the 6.x
      busybox was to add the applets necessary to be able to do the unsling
      operation with a minimum of extra flash space consumed, and to do so
      while retaining compatibility with the busybox version shipped by
      Linksys (because of dependencies and custom Linksys patches to busybox).

      The intent is that should one require non-busybox utils, one would
      install procps, core-utils, bash, etc. and set the appropriate shells
      and paths (as has been suggested in previous emails).

      Mike (mwester)
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