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7755RE: [nslu2-general] New hardware to replace NSLU2

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  • Viktor S. Kristensen
    Mar 5, 2009
      whouw,, thats excellent news!! looking forward to hear more about the marvell nslu2-linux project!

      To: nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com
      From: rod@...
      Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 16:57:55 +1030
      Subject: Re: [nslu2-general] New hardware to replace NSLU2

      Joel Gebhart wrote:

      > I've wondered what I will do when my slug dies to replace it. A

      > hardware refresh would be nice anyway since the slug hardware is

      > somewhat sluggish. Has anyone else seen this?


      > http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS9634061300.html


      > It seems like the perfect replacement/upgrade for the slug hardware. I

      > wish I had the expertise to trailblaze with it, but I have too many

      > other projects right now, and no expertise in compiling Linux.

      We've approached Marvell in the #openplug IRC channel on Freenode (which

      is full of all the usual suspects in ARM linux) and they have graciously

      agreed to donate one of these units to the nslu2-linux project.

      Brian Zhou is going to create an Optware feed for it.

      -- Rod

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