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775Re: [nslu2-general] NSLU2 not recognising drive.

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  • Tom Gross
    Feb 8, 2005
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      I know that with a drive that has never been formatted
      (one that you have installed yourself into a USB
      exclosure) on Windows XP you need to go to "computer
      management" from the control panel and look under (I
      think) "storage devices" to partition the new drive.
      You might want to try doing that.

      Obviously it depends on what host OS you are running.

      --- Mike Green <mikey@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I've just installed an NSLU2 and it's recognised one
      > of my two disks
      > (an IBM portable 40GB Thinkpad drive. It does not,
      > though, recognise
      > my other drive (80GB Freecom classic hard drive).
      > I've tried both
      > ports on the NSLU2; sometimes the disk light comes
      > on and sometimes
      > not. The web software for the NSLU2 *never* sees the
      > disk though. The
      > disk itself is fine and works when plugged into my
      > PC.
      > Can anyone point me at a few things I can try
      > looking at to fix this
      > as I've no experience in this area before.
      > Thanks,
      > Mike

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