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  • docbillnet
    Mar 3, 2009
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Joel Gebhart" <colin@...> wrote:
      > I forgot to add that while I think all the hardware in this thread
      > supports WOL, you have to configure it in software to use it.

      I'm not sure about that...

      > Personally I wouldn't use it because even the couple seconds it would
      > take to come out of hibernation isn't acceptable when I'm trying to
      > read or write to the disk attached to it. I don't know how tolerant
      > CUPS would be of waiting for a response if you use it for a network
      > attached printing services. Obviously I could live with a couple
      > seconds for my media server to start responding.

      Chances are you already have to wait a few seconds for other reasons.
      It is not uncommon, when I haven't done anything for a while, to hear
      my disks for my NSLU2 spin up, by something simple like opening a web
      page in Firefox.

      The reason that happens, is among other things, I have my NSLU2
      configure as a DNS server. Because the NSLU2 has such limited amount
      of ram, eventually after enough idle time, the DNS server process gets
      swapped out to disk. After a while of not using the disks, the USB
      enclosure spins those down. So a few hours later, when I decide to
      use firefox the process is delayed for two seconds while the NSLU2
      spins up the disks and then loads the process back into memory. WOL
      would not add a significant amount of additional delay to this...


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